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超簡單7W高功率High-power LED Plant Grow Lights 植物燈(90-260v)

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不同於使用數十顆傳統子彈型 LED所組成卻不亮的LED植物燈。  High power LED (High Brightness LED) 較由數十顆LED組成之一般LED植物燈亮10-15倍。

7W高功率High-power  LED Plant Grow Lights 植物燈(90-260v)(LLED-SBPAR30-7W-G)
觀看超大張圖片 ( 超過800x600 )  數位蘋果網才有的超大圖片服務

Creative prime time for plant

Plant Grow Lights

Let’s GOT it. This is cutting-edge design for plant. We offer a full line for plant grow lights.
Plants grow best under certain light spectrums based on the plants' stages of growth. Young seedlings get the light they need to grow strong and sturdy stems when they are grown under the blue light spectrum offered by HIGH POWER LED lights, among others. Mature plants that are ready to reproduce and set fruit or flowers require light in the red and orange spectrum, which certain LED lights make available. We love how we can easily switch between them to match or manipulate our plants’ growth cycle. LED grow lights offer the dual benefit of low energy consumption and low heat generation. An LED grow light designer isn’t trying to reproduce sunlight or make up for the spectral shortcomings of a light originally designed for another purpose. Instead, they are trying to create optimal light output for photosynthesis.

.1 Red (650-660nm)
.2 Blue (460-465nm)

benefits as follow

1. 95% energy of LEDs can be absorbed by plants, but only 10% by HPS or MHS
2. It saves 70% to 90% in energy consumption compared to fluorescent tubes, HPS or MHS
3. Low heat generation. Reduce grow room temperature 15 degrees compare to HPS or MHS
4. Nearly no maintaining.
5. High power LED estimate to last 50,000 hours
No UV, IR, Lead or Mercury.

PAR30 E27 7W LED Grow Light Bulbs

reduce the AC->DC->AC comsumption
DC current

Main Features

1. Model: PAR30
2. Lampholder: E27
3. LED Sources: 7PCS 1W High Power LED
4. Wavelength
.1 Red (650-660nm)
. 2 Blue (460-465nm)
5. Beam Angle: 120degree.
6. red led quantity 6pcs, blue led quantity 1pcs, or other configuration specified by customers.
7. lifetime: over 30,000hours.
1. Hydroponics
2. Horticulture
3. Greenhouse
4. Seeding
5. Farm
6. Flower Exhibition
7. Garden
8. Bonsai

Custom specifications are also available, please feel free to contact us.


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