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TMC多款全鋁7W/12W Down Light 車鋁坎燈上市

分類:LED套件   時間:2009/12/10 上午 04:04:00

TMC 台製7W LED 正白光全鋁崁燈(全電壓,含燈具)(TMC-V1-7W)
Down Light

7*1W, 90-260VAC, 80-90lm/w, Angle: 15/30/45/60 Degree, CE, ROHS

Down Light

Led Down light

1) Led downlight secure built-in constant current circuit employed. Take the advantage of stability of the
power supply, avoid the Led failure caused by the voltage surge, shock or other damages due to the
unsteadiness of the constant current driver

2) High power efficiency. Conversion rate>92%, improved by 6% comparing with the conventional
constant current driver.

3) Easy connection. Any quantity of downlight can be wired in parallel connection within the rated wattage
of the Power supply, all the downlight can work separately.

4) Easy power supply. All the down-light can work with Quasar power supply or others available in the

5) Led downlight proprietary design for excellent thermal management and lumen maintenance

6) High output white or warm white LED

7) Reverse polarity protected

8) 1years warranty

9) 30degrees or other as customer' s special requirement


1) Home /office lighting , display case lighting
2) Under cabinet lighting
3) Art lighting
4) Boat lighting, accent lighting

Outer Diameter: 106mm; Open Hole Diameter: 90mm
Input VOL:90-260VAC
Power:7*1W LED
LED chips:Cree, Edison, Bridgelux, Semi are all available.
Color temperaturewhite, warm white,cool white
Luminous flux:white:90-100Lm/W
Beam angle:15°30°45°60°



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